We as a nation are neither a fledgling nor a mature one — we are in transition. Post 1992, after opening of an Indian market we are witnessing great changes in our economy, polity, and society. We are in the middle of one of the greatest technological and development revolutions of human history. Our action will set the course of our future for centuries to come. Academic development is one such issue that is critical for both economic and human development.

Inspired by such global technology advancement and highly competitive market where demand of exceptionally competent resources has increased manifold and average has no place, ACN group established ACN College of Engineering & Management Studies (ACNCEMS) besides many other institutions of repute. At ACNCEMS we provide quality education strictly as per the norms laid down by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) on the basis of innovative learning and structured methodology to match international standards. We also provide cost effective industry ready programmes beyond university syllabuses to catch with fast changing domain knowledge according to student’s career interest and prospects.

The ACN Group’s presence in developed countries like Australia, Spain and UK brightens career opportunities for students during the course of learning. Such international exposure equips students with the skills required for overseas employment and enterprise. To achieve its objective of promoting and propagating techno commercial professionalism with the spirit of dedication, the college adopted a philanthropic approach to reach out to the world and join like minded institutions and individuals for collaboration on technology advancement, research and development.

It is the endeavor of the college, to set high standards of intellectual capital, pedagogic systems and process and educational infrastructure. The academic atmosphere try its level best to light the lamp of knowledge, service and dedication in the heart of every students which can further enlighten the world.

Wish you all great success!