Engineering Knowledge Clubs

A club that inculcates knowledge can become the pinnacle of expediter’s dream, the idea is to encourage students to develop for themselves the engineering knowledge they need in order to be successful in the field of engineering they want to go into. It is about giving students the chance to define and drive their own learning. It is for students who want to become excellent engineers. It is based upon a simple idea about how people develop engineering skills, and alternative approach to learning

Many of the things that engineers do, like  identifying problems, understanding contexts, designing solutions, creating prototypes and persuading others, are very advanced skills. But all of these advanced skills are founded upon a broad range of general engineering knowledge, and nobody wants boring lectures on general knowledge. Engineering Knowledge Club is designed to be an interesting alternative.

When students sign up to engineering knowledge club, they choose an area of their engineering knowledge that they would like to develop. We then support them in developing their own exciting way to build this knowledge that builds on the skills and knowledge they already have. Engineering Knowledge Club is intended to be a community of learners. Every participant blogs or submit write-up about what they are doing, and identify their similar interests or approaches to learning; they can share what they are doing.

The Club also arranges seminars, training sessions, workshops and guest lecture to enhance the current engineering and technology knowledge of the students and faculties. Many of the activities in practice in Engineering Knowledge Club are:

  • Student–led learning – The idea is to develop curiosity, intrinsic motivation and independence where learners were learning about what they were interested in, then they’d be self-motivated, perhaps work harder, and learn more effectively.
  • Learning based on real-world stimuli – Engineering knowledge club will encourage students to be inspired by, be curious about and learn from the environment which surrounds them.
  • Reflective learning – People tend to learn better when they think about how they are learning. Engineering Knowledge Club give chance to students to demonstrate the concept to anyone interested.
  • Building a community of learning – Students are encouraged enough to support each other in their learning.