Department of Information Technology

In the information society, computers and the internet are playing a dominant role in the formative stage. The industrial scene has been witnessing drastic changes on a far wider scale known to mankind due to application of IT.
The department has exclusive well-equipped LAN networked computer laboratories. The required advanced software packages are currently being shared with the other departments of IT. The department also has other advanced facilities. The areas of specification of the department include information systems development, web content development, knowledge based computing systems, software engineering etc.

Department of information technology lays more emphasis on current market friends and application-based studies through State-of-art laboratories in the various fields of engineering. The Department also lays emphasis on design and development of both hardware and software, in addition to software packages.

The department has the following well developed laboratories:

  • Networking Lab
  • Internet, Intranet, Mail-Service Lab
  • Computer Graphics & Multimedia Lab
  • Web Designing Lab
  • Computer Hardware Lab
  • Computer Software Lab