Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

In present scenario, the part played by communication is very dynamic and wide. fully equipped laboratories with modern equipped to aid the students in doing experiments on phase lock loops, PCM generation and different modulation technologies and so on.

The Digital Electronics Lab lays emphasis on the fundamentals of digital electronics design aspects of sequential and combinational circuit etc. with skills familiarized with the topic in detail.
The Basic Electronics lab is functioning under the department to facilitate the students to get a clear picture of the basic essentials of electronics like clipping, Microprocessor and Micro controller Lab, Liner Integrated Circuit Lab and Electronic Workshop impart knowledge to students in experiments like the study of power amplifiers, opamps, soldering etc.

The department has the following well developed laboratories catering the requirements of students

  1. Electronics Lab
  2. Electronics Workshop & PCB Lab
  3. Digital Circuits Lab
  4. Analog Circuits Lab
  5.  Analog Communication Lab
  6. Digital Communication Lab
  7. Microwave Engineering & Optical Communication Lab
  8. CAD Of Electronics Circuits Lab
  9. Labview, Mat Lab, Multi Sim, Pice Spice