Department of Mechanical Engineering

The branch of Computer Science and Engineering has become an important component in all fields of Engineering, with its everlasting scope and incredible domain base. With the advancement of software technology, the industries have gone for wide use of computer in design, manufacturing, process control, office automation, data processing, documentation, management and many other areas. As a result, Computer Science has emerged as a distinctly ahead discipline at degree level.

The Operating Systems Lab, concentrating on the core functionalities such as shared memory concepts, process scheduling, multithreading, synchronization, Database design, is capable of meeting the curiosities of the students to explore the world of OS in detail. Computer Network Lab has established itself in delivering the concepts of networking such as socket communication, different transport and application layer protocols, to the students. The employment opportunity is excellent for Engineers with Computer Science & Engineering Degree.

The department has various computer labs with all the necessary software required for the students. The center opens even in the off working hours. Internet facility is also available round the clock. The department has the following well developed laboratories

  1. Unix Lab
  2. Computer Hardware
  3. Software Engineering Lab
  4. Computer Network Lab
  5. It Computer Lab
  6. OOPS & OS Lab
  7. Basic Computer Lab
  8. Multimedia & Graphics Lab
  9. DBMS Lab


Turbo C, C++, VB6.0, MS.Net, SQL Server, COBOL, FORTRAN.