Department of Agriculture Engineering

Agriculture engineering is an engineering discipline that applies engineering science and technology to agricultural production and processing. Agriculture engineering combines the discipline of animal biology, plant biology, mechanical civil and chemical engineering principal with knowledge of agricultural principals.

  • Laboratories
  1. water management
  2. area development projects
  3. minor irrigation projects
  4. agricultural machinery manufacturing organizations
  5. tea gardens
  6. food corporation of India
  7. national seeds corporations
  • Career Options
  1. dairy and food industries
  2.  agro industries
  3.  national dairy development board
  4.  NABARD and other banks
  5. agricultural finance corporations
  6. Indian council of agricultural research

Scope for agriculture engineering

Demand for agricultural engineers is supposed to multiply almost as quickly as the demand for all other occupation. The global trend toward standardization of all agricultural products and equipment will lead to greater demand for agricultural engineers.