1. ACNGI seek to be a world leader for the development of nations and society through an integration of
2. Knowledge advancement through world class learning practices and research.
3. Leadership in service and outreach.

4. Help evolve young and creative minds.
5. Help prepare outstanding scholars towards professional advancement.
6. Technology enabled education, athletics, leadership development and innovative educational policy.
7. Values based education, service quality and fostering innovation and creativity.

Core Values

8. Encouraging questioning spirit.
9. Quality in whatever we do.
10. Learn throughout life.
11. Freedom of thought and expression through positive impact leadership.
12. Sustainability approach and concern for environment and society.
13. Be accountable for our actions and exercise responsible stewardship.
14. Be inclusive and treat each other with respect and dignity.

Our Commitment

To develop technically qualified and professionally groomed human resources possessing social ethics, national values and the spirit of high integrity.
Our institutions shall continuously upgrade the curriculum matching with global requirements and priorities. The institutions maintain high degree of intellectual capital at its disposal and adopt an instructional methodology through periodic self-appraisal, identification of weaker areas among students and introduction of problem solving skills to develop greater confidence.