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21 Nov

Here’s one more feat that US space agency ‘NASA’ has managed to clinch. It has recently released an extraordinary new movie of Earth and the Moon moving through space together. The talked about images in the video were captured by the Jupiter-bound Juno Satellite when it passed by Earth in October. In the video earth is observed spinning on its axis with the moon passing behind and heading off to the right of the scene.

The brain behind the satellite, Juno’s chief scientist Scott Bolton, commented over the latest most talked about Earth-Moon Dance Video at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting in San Francisco. He states that the newly acquired images should make people think about our place in the Universe. “Humans can see the Earth and the Moon in motion, doing their cosmic dance. And I think it puts everything into perspective,” said Mr. Boston.

He went ahead to compare the latest feat with the previous milestones. The comparison had drawn a lot of attention. “You may remember some years ago that Carl Sagan took a picture he called the Pale Blue Dot, and made a lot of very important points about the fact that everything we know is on this little dot. And I think our movie does the same thing but with a moving image rather than just a still one,” he added.

The mentioned video is available on YouTube and is garnering a lot of attention. The Background music in the same has been composed by popular film composer Vangelis.

The Juno Satellite was launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on 5 August 2011. After flying back around the Earth on 9 October this year, the satellite got a gravitational boost that will launch it towards the gas giant with a date set for 2016

Blog by Yudhister Baghel (B.Tech) in Jan 2014