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27 Feb

Educational technology is the study, especially the standards of a profession practice of facilitating learning and improving performance by creating, using, and managing appropriate technological processes and resources.

As a field, educational technology which put stress on communication skills and approaches to teaching and learning through the practical expediency use and the combination of diverse media? Scholars in the field inspect the uses of innovative media and technologies for education, examining all aspects from direct student learning to management and impacts on institutions.

As in all forms of applied technology, the field studies how theoretical knowledge and scientific principles can be applied to problems that arise in a social context. Educational technology seeks new and effective ways of organizing the teaching and learning process through the best possible application. These activities depend upon a body of knowledge for successful and standard implementation.

Educators aim to use technology to enhance individual learning as well as to achieve widespread education and expect the technology to blend with their individual approach to instruction. However, most educators are not fully aware of the benefits that may be obtained by proactively harnessing the available technologies and how they might be able to influence further developments through systematic feedback and suggestions.

‘Technology’ in its broadest terms could include overhead projectors and even pen and paper but, in the context of Learning Technology, it is generally understood that we are talking about technologies that have arrived with the ‘Information Revolution’ i.e. those associated with computers.

There has been talk about how computers and other technologies would revolutionize the nature of learning for several decades now. We can all point to isolated examples of success but probably also point to numerous examples of wasted effort.

 Blog by Dr Shakil in 2012